Interview Preparation

Put your best foot forward and make your dreams a reality! TPMify will prepare you to become a confident interviewee by providing you with frameworks to ace tricky questions. Get direct and relevant feedback through mock interviews. Once you land the offer, we will help you strengthen your negotiation skills to get the maximum payout. 

People who invest in interviewing coaching get a 10x to 30x return!

Resume Review and Writing

Do you want to get into FAANG or similar tech companies? 

Are you not getting any responses from recruiters or hiring managers?

TPMify will review and help you write a strong resume that will reach hiring managers. We will work together to present your accomplishments and responsibilities with a focus on impact and potential. We will position your experience to your target role to increase the response rate. Additionally, we will share tips on how to leverage LinkedIn to reach more recruiters.

Mock Interviews

Are you tired of getting rejections and feeling discouraged?

Do you get generic responses from recruiters that are not helpful?

TPMify has 100s of hours of interviewing experience that you can leverage to get actionable feedback. Learn about competencies tested and create frameworks to answer any question. We will practice to make your stories stronger for any type of interview and discuss ways to communicate the right level of information in a concise manner. We will "interview" you and debrief right after to discuss areas of improvement. 

Offer Negotiation

Are you leaving money on table?

Are you nervous about negotiating and don't want to lose the offer?

First - congratulations on getting an offer. You have done the hard work and successfully reached the offer stage. TPMify has experience hiring multiple candidates and we know the market compensation structure. We will help you become a confident negotiator and get the highest package possible. 

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Let's Work Together

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