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Discover the untold secrets behind TPM interviews. Land your dream job by building confidence and cracking the Big Tech TPM interviews. Go from facing uncertainty or rejections to getting multiple offers. 

In this program, you will learn about:

  • TPM role expectations that make TPM interviews tough and how to crack them with confidence.

  • Competencies and behavior signals being assessed by hiring managers and how to standout from the competition.

  • Secrets for success beyond the interview.

You will also get a set of concrete tools and frameworks such as: 

  • Stories x Competencies Interview Matrix 

  • First Impressions Resume Template

  • Strengths Assessment Worksheet

  • TPM Values Worksheet

Check out program details below.

This package includes:

  • 6 live learning sessions of 60 minutes each (Wednesdays 12pm noon PST)

  • 2 personal 1:1 sessions

  • Cohort community channel for group discussion

  • Unlimited 1:1 access to your coach via email


$990 $1290

(special introductory price)

(3 spots remaining)

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Note: Next cohort won't start until January 2023


We will work together on your career journey by amplifying your strengths and shrinking your blind spots. You will also be part of a Community forum and you will have unlimited 1:1 access to your coach via email.


The Fall 2022 cohort will run from August 15, 2022 to October 15, 2022. 

  • Week 1

    • 1:1 introductory meeting with each participant. We will understand your goals, strengths and areas of support. 

  • Week 2 to Week 7

    • We will start by building the foundational understanding of the TPM role in tech and why TPM interviews are difficult. You will learn how to leverage strengths and skills to set yourself apart from the competition. 

    • Next, we will dive deep into interview preparation and build your stories x competency matrix. You will also learn about how hiring managers think and what questions to ask them to get maximum insight.

    • Finally, we will discuss how to be successful beyond the interview. You will learn how to identify the right team and company fit for the best chance at personal and professional development.

  • Week 8

    • 1:1 closing session with each participant to focus on your biggest need


This coaching program has limited capacity to ensure that each participant gets maximum benefits from the coach as well as their cohort group. 


Who should join this program?

  • Anyone who is interested in becoming a TPM at FAANG/Big Tech companies and wants to crack their interviews.

  • Anyone who is interested in transitioning from other roles (SWE, QA, PgM) to TPM.

  • Anyone who is interested in transitioning from consulting/contracting to full time TPM roles in tech companies.


Who should NOT join this program?

  • Anyone who is actively interviewing and/or has interviews lined up in the next 1-6 weeks (see This program is for those who want to plan ahead and give themselves enough time to understand the basics, put in effort to prepare and practice ahead of setting up real interviews. 


Why should you join this program?

  • Access to a highly experienced TPM coach who has worked in big tech companies and hired hundreds of TPMs.

  • Beat the competition and increase your compensation.

  • Inside scoop on a range of topics to help you build a complete understanding of the TPM interviewing frameworks at big tech companies.

  • Deeper engagement with your cohort and opportunity to build a community with your fellow members.

  • More economical than other interview preparation services in the market.

  • Personalized content and feedback compared to generic recorded video courses. 

  • Exclusive discount on future 1:1 mock interviews and career coaching sessions.

  • Exclusive content including access to AMAs, Mastermind sessions and subscription membership.

  • Unlimited email support.


Priyanka Shinde

Priyanka is the founder of TPMify Coaching and Consulting. Priyanka was previously a TPM leader at Cruise Automation and Meta (Facebook) where she built TPM organizations, interviewed and hired 100s of TPMs. 

She is very passionate about helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals faster. She coaches and advises current and aspiring TPMs by helping them find their strengths and amplify their voice to achieve meaningful professional impact.  She shares her thoughts and advice via her blog and LinkedIn profile

Priyanka lives in the Bay Area with her family and enjoys running, hiking and baking sweet goodies. 

Registration is now open for Fall 2022 Cohort: Launch Your TPM Career in Big Tech. Click to learn More