With TPMify's methodical approach to interview preparation, I went from not passing any phone screens to getting 2 competing offers (including a FAANG company) within one month. I recommend TPMify interview prep services to anyone who wants to excel in their interviewing skills and get the best offer.  

Priyanka provided a detailed overview of competencies  along with some great feedback on my written stories. She guided me on proper articulation techniques and complexity of the story that will invoke the interest of the interviewer. This helped me tell compelling stories in any interview situation. I also liked the mock interview format where I was provided with verbal feedback at the end of the interview, detailed notes (along with rating) for each answer as well as a video recording. Many of the questions she asked also appeared in my actual interviews. 

Priyanka is highly responsive via email and had great turnaround time on interview feedback which was helpful given that I had interviews lined up. I also appreciated her checking in with me after the interview and provided useful insights in decision making with the multiple offers.

On a side note, I find TPMify's blogs very useful and looking forward to more content.

-- Rajesh, TPM: Received two offers doubling current compensation

I approached Priyanka to help me prepare for TPM interviews. Priyanka shared a detailed list of competencies that are tested in interviews. She identified missing elements in my stories such as explicitly talking about influencing leadership and provided offline comments to help make my stories stronger. After the mock interviews, she gave me detailed feedback including what went well and what needs to improve. I was able to immediately relate to the feedback and felt very positive going into the actual interviews. At least 3 questions that Priyanka asked during mock interviews, came up in my real interviews and I was able to answer them with confidence.

Overall, I felt very prepared and was able to answer most questions easily due to the framework Priyanka shared.  I wish I had approached Priyanka for her services earlier so that I had more time to prepare for the interviews. I feel that her expertise and hiring experience will provide me with an opportunity to dive deep and learn from her.  My advice to anyone seeking interview coaching is to plan ahead so you can take full advantage and not feel rushed with the process. I will be continuing coaching with Priyanka to get the most benefit for my career.

-- TPM, Supply Chain & IT Operations

I reached out to Priyanka to get help during my offer negotiation process. I was having trouble getting a good reference point for total compensation. Some of the data available online was outdated. Priyanka quickly jumped on call with me and emphasized to not undersell myself and leave money on the table. With her inputs I saw able to negotiate 1 out of the 3 FAANG offers successfully to get higher compensation as well as level.  

-- TPM, converted from contracting to full time

I have been following your blog at TPMify and have been impressed with what you have been doing to this community. Thanks for sharing a ton of knowledge, it really helps and means a lot. Thank you

-- TPM, Microsoft

It was a nice experience to have initial conversation with Priyanka. Thanks for sharing tips and tricks to manage the work activities. and for sharing key look outs while managing upwards. It was very helpful. Look forward to more of these sessions.

-- Aspiring TPM Manager

I recently came across the TPMify blog and I have to share that all the blog posts are so insightful and helpful. The clarity with which Priyanka writes, is so engaging. I'm leveraging many of the blog posts such Demystifying TPM Responsibilities as a means to structure my answers for my upcoming interviews. 

-- TPM in Big Tech

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